These are just some things of mine that don’t amount to much, but I had fun working on them!

The Poop Mystery The little comic script came from writing group and dealt with the limitations of three characters total where the first and last line of the script are the same.

To The Extreme The idea for this short script came from a story my fiancee told me of her friend being grilled by a cop late at night over not using a turn signal. Hence the title “To The Extreme” what would happen if something inane turned into an over the top chase. This was something that popped up during the writing group days and I decided to use it as practice for action and imagery in a script.

Platinum Impressions This was a writing assignment, from my theatrical writing teacher, where you selected a joke and told it in the play. In this case I just plugged it into a script. The punchline is supposed to be the last line. Also, I have nothing against blonde women.


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