Posted by: Greg | September 12, 2011

Where Shadows Lie: Bay City

A writing friend of mine, J. E. Cammon, recently got his first novel published, Where Shadows Lie: Bay City. I am very excited and happy for him. I’m looking forward to the rest of the novels from this particular series. He introduces the reader into the gritty world of Urban Fantasy, where a description of an old neglected city called Bay City, the setting for the novel, gives the reader an urge to start scrubbing away the grime covering your body. With a balance of poignant moments and plot twists within twists, he gives a ride in his debut novel. In a genre overrun with the need for romance when a vampire is included, the novel is a wonderful change of pace. A vampire as a hit-man, a lycanthrope working as a vet’s assistant, and a graduate student, from a unique university, all come together to track down a summoned demon and send it back home before it tears down the world around them. Where Shadows Lie: Bay City provides a little bit of something for everyone.

Big James, best of luck to you and with your future novels!


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