Posted by: Greg | May 22, 2011

Get Your Act Together

With many months of dithering here and there on rewrites of a horror script, I’ve decided that I need a break. Now I say break because honestly as I am going through this horror rewrite I’ve realized one major factor…it’s a whole new script!

Yes, of course it is a BETTER script. But when you think about the time and energy spent in doing a new script treating it like a rewrite slows you down even more.

So, for right now I have set down the horror film. I will focus my energies on my first full length script and aim to get one script fully rewritten and ready for people to see. And by people I mean other screenwriters, readers, or people of the biz. I feel confident that the story flows. There are tweaks to be made and scenes to delete, but it will not need to be a whole new script.

I’m tired of jumping from one to another and never quite finishing. The foot is down, the line is drawn, and whatever other cliche could jump from my brain I would use in saying I am setting up a time frame for completing the rewrite. I will give myself one whole month. I figure a solid 5 pages a day would get me through and then the remaining days could be used to fine tune other areas.

Also, during my “Get Your Act Together” moment I will focus on providing a regular post to this blog weekly. During the past few weeks in stolen moments or at least early morning work distractions I am rewatching and/or listening to movies I grew up with in the 80s. Seeing these films again as an older fella bring back memories and also a few WTF moments.

Playing off of my reactions to seeing these films I am starting a new category called “What I Learned from 80s films…” where I sort of review movies I remember watching and how they affected my way of thinking as a child. Of course this will be done through the wonderful eye of 20 years later me. Even now I remember thinking a certain way, like Teen Wolf, and watching it recently I realize how dumb those thoughts were.

Now, my selection of movies from the 80s will be those films I remember watching again, and again, and again, and yes AGAIN. I will refrain from movies I watched once in the 80s but many times during the 90s. A majority of the movies were either on cable (HBO, Showtime) or local stations such as TBS, channel 17, or WATL, channel 36.

The stage is set. My mind is focused. There’s writing to be done.


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