Posted by: Greg | December 14, 2010

I can feel it

It’s buried deep, but I can feel it writhing. In spots it itches my skin. Never enough to make me cry out or scratch maniacally. But still it moves. Why can I not nail it down? Why does it anger me?

I’m in the process of getting notes and paperwork together to do the rewrite of my horror script. Thanks to an enterprising young man with a flair for some spooky movies, I am now aware of where mistakes were made.

The problem with this is my mind and my body will NOT cooperate. My mind wants to work on this. Get the process started. Get the new beginning to the script down. My body wants to sleep. My body would rather unwind from a crazy day at the office and watch Netflix.

Damnit, I didn’t work this hard on being a screenwriting only to fail because I can’t get a mind/body balance to do a REWRITE! I’ve been working on my brain and keeping it primed for a good sit down and write session. I limit my new ideas. The moment one pops up I quickly pull of my idea spreadsheet and put down everything flowing into my brain. One sentence, two sentence. Good now back to the horror script.

I can’t tell if I am scared of doing a rewrite because of the changes made in the beginning and how those will affect the rest of the script. One part of my mind thinks the body is already pieced together. It is time to get some muscles and skin on this thing. The other part of my mind sees the pieces scattered about and is not looking forward to doing some Dr. Frankenstein-esque surgery.

Maybe this is the price you pay for not clearly defining your main character and their goal. Maybe this is the price you pay for not clearly defining how this demon arrives and lingers in a certain area. Maybe this is the price for thinking you had the ability to write a horror film.

Geez, that might be too negative of an outlook. I don’t think right now I am limited in any genre. But I think I need to keep my focus and turn these three scripts into something.

I’m still not sure about the softball one, but I think a light hearted make-you-feel-good movie never really hurts anyone…maybe just their sanity!

Things to worry about for another day. In the meantime, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. I can do it and it will NOT be a completely new script…just a buffed up and shiny new script!



  1. Hope you’ve found a solution to your block! My favorite solution is getting out of the house, going somewhere that serves caffeinated beverages, hopping myself up on espresso, and not leaving until something happens. (Sometimes that “something” is me buying pastry and browsing the internet for an hour before finally having a short burst of productivity followed by a sugar crash, but even that’s something.)

    • If caffeine and sugar rushes were my writing fuel I would totally go for it! Unfortunately combining those two puts me on a collision course with WTF and “What the hell did you do?”

      My brainy issue is more of trying to do too much on the first run through of editing. I just need to pick one thing and then stick to it for the whole run through of the 1st rewrite.

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