Posted by: Greg | December 2, 2010

What the hell man?

So, a small amount of time has passed since I was throwing things up here.

Well, I am sorry. I was working on a script and I was preparing for a marriage. Which has already passed and was fantastic. And the script is done, but like most of my writing it lives in the rough draft format while I venture off onto other ideas. Yeah, focus is tough.

Actually, I am just now getting back into the groove of writing. Because of the hiatus and so many new things going on idea generation was in shutdown mode. Having that section closed off limited my desire to write.

So, this little blurb is just a refresher to get me going again. More of mental jump start to get back into the discipline of writing.

More writing topics, movie lists (yeah, how many more freaking movie lists can there be on the internet), screenplays I’m reading, and meetings with fellow writers.


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