Posted by: Greg | January 15, 2010

Superhero Powers and Life and/or Haiti

The was a post I was pondering more as a creative exercise to explore what superpowers I find interesting and also what other people find interesting.  (The problem with watching Heroes Season 4)  This morning after hearing a very sad story from Haiti (yes, all the stories are sad, but this one got me hard) the thought of completing this post became very important to me.  There are only so many times you can feel good about texting Yele to 501501 (Wyclef Jean’s charity) or Haiti to 90999 (American Red Cross).  Charity goes only so far and when you want to help then what?  When there are people in need of help…what superpower do I want?  (So, I’m a nerd!)

The basic part of the story is that of a husband standing outside of a collapsed market receiving texts from his wife inside the rubble. (If I find out that this is a hoax…a pox on their family!)  Knowing the lack of heavy machinery and the 72 hour magic timeline of surviving without water this story struck me.  What would I do?  Would I corral people on the street and have them help me move rubble?  What would I text to her?

So, with that story in mind and the overall damage in Haiti, what superpower would you want to have to help people down there? And on top of that what power would you want to have in your daily life? I leave the options open but I would prefer that you only select one power.  Use anything from DC or Marvel or any other superpower from other sources you want.

Please comment with what superpower in Haiti  you want, why that power and also your daily life superpower, and why.

Right now I am leaning towards telekinesis as my power in Haiti.  The idea of assisting in removing the rubble without the need for heavy machinery sounds awesome.  The ability to move pallets of food, water, medical supplies from the airport to the locations that need them the most without having to worry about traffic jams or people jams.  Plus, this would assist in getting the planes unloaded quickly and back in the air to get more supplies.  I would hope the power would be strong enough to allow whole floors to be reassembled letting rescue workers inside to rescue and/or recover people within.

As for daily life, I’ve told a friend of mine about this (thx Manlapas) and by far I would like to have the ability to duplicate myself.  What a great way to learn new skills? Hey I can learn the piano and astro-physics and chiropractic services and judo.  I guess this would also require the duplication process to be reversed and all knowledge and skills absorbed.  Then again I think I want that power because of all the things I want to learn about and experience.

So, how about you folks?



  1. I would love to be able to purify and make potable water just by touching it.

    As for everyday life – you know I’d want to be a TimeTurner! 😉

  2. I gotta go with healing power on this one. So many people are lying around with terrible injuries.

    The whole situation is sad. It’s a shame we don’t have super powers to help.

    At least we have helping hands and charities.

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